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Unlocking Lasting Change to Elevate Your Organization's Impact

Momentum Professional Strategy Partners is a provider of innovative people-centered consulting solutions that create lasting change in organizational cultures and communities.

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DEIA Services

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Consulting offers a holistic approach to business growth, culture creation, and execution that inspires sustainable change in the workforce. We believe your people are your most valuable assets for a company. Our team utilizes various HR methodologies and tools to provide services that support strategic HR planning, engage talent pipelines and select new talented employees, offer best in class learning and development initiatives that enhance career progression opportunities.

Community Engagement

We help private and public companies connect with the communities they serve by helping them identify accessible communications channels, craft inclusive messages, and connect with stakeholders for meaningful conversations. In our previous careers, we helped political candidates win their political offices through effective community engagement. We’re applying those same principles to help our clients achieve community engagement that fosters inclusion and belonging. 

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PR & Marketing

Equity-Led Content Creation: Our PR & Marketing services are offered exclusively to socially conscious organizations with demonstrated advocacy for underrepresented groups through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA). From inclusive and accessible marketing strategies, we help our clients craft content informed by DEIA insights and an authentic appreciation for people and the communities they serve. 

Business Coaching Services

Our Business Coaching service is specifically designed for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the unique challenges and leverage the distinct opportunities within their business journeys. We provide personalized coaching that addresses the nuances of being an entrepreneur, from strategic business planning and financial literacy to fostering a resilient mindset and integrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) best practices. This service is a blend of expert guidance, supportive mentorship, and effective strategies, all aimed at empowering entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable success and make a meaningful impact in their industries


How we work

At Momentum, our goal is to create premium experiences for all of our clients  through thoughtful and innovative DEIA solutions. 

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Book a time for one of our expert consultants to discuss your organization's needs.

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Review Our Proposal

We'll put together a proposal tailored to your organization's DEIA goals.

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Implement the Plan

We'll work with you to implement the plan and achieve your DEIA goals.

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