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Community Engagement Services

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Our Key Principles

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Inclusive and Collaborative:

  • We achieve better outcomes by engaging and including our BIPOC and underrepresented communities early, continuously, and meaningfully; we maximize opportunities and our collective potential by breaking down silos, partnering, and convening in conversations.


Diverse and People Focused:

  • We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, which makes us unique individuals. We can nurture respect and dignity by valuing everyone's leadership, strengths and assets. Each one of us represents a mosaic of our communities at all levels. By working together, we can make our communities stronger and more vibrant.


Focused Upstream and Where Needs Are Greatest

  • We believe that the best way to create lasting positive change is to focus on root causes and sustainable solutions.  Additionally, we prioritize populations and places with the greatest needs, as we believe that everyone deserves a chance to thrive. 

Our Services

We help private and public companies connect with the communities they serve by helping them identify accessible communications channels, craft inclusive messages, and connect with stakeholders for meaningful conversations. In our previous careers, we helped political candidates win their political offices through effective community engagement. We’re applying those same principles to help our clients achieve community engagement that fosters inclusion and belonging. 

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Focus Groups

Momentum is proud to specialize in conducting inclusive research. Our unique DEIA-led framework allows us to gather rich insights from various perspectives, ensuring that our focus group experience is accessible and inclusive for all. We prioritize community engagement and work hard to ensure our clients and participants feel welcome and included throughout the research process. This commitment to inclusion has allowed us to build trust and strong relationships with a wide range of communities. 

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Community-Driven Outreach

Since our founding, Momentum's mission has been to be a catalyst for positive change in communities. We believe that by engaging with community members and partnering with local organizations, we can make a lasting impact. Our clients include the Washington State Department of Health and other health agencies; we are proud to work with them to improve the health of our communities. Our work is based on the premise that healthy communities are vital to a thriving society, and we are committed to helping make that happen. 


Grassroots Organizing

We specialize in grassroots organizing by collaborating with our premier partner Rowhouse International. Our team of experienced organizers works with communities to identify their goals and develop strategic plans to achieve them. We believe that every community has the power to affect change, and we are dedicated to helping them realize that potential. Whether it's working with a local school to start a garden or organizing a neighborhood clean-up day, we are committed to helping people make a difference in their communities.

Community Advocacy Campaigns

Due to our political roots, Momentum specializes in community advocacy campaigns. If you are an organization seeking support in developing a thoughtful, intentional, and inclusive advocacy campaign for communities, we are here to help. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to working with you to create a campaign that meets your needs and objectives. We will work with you to develop a campaign plan, identify key messages, create materials, and train your teams. We know that every community is different, and we will tailor campaigns to meet community needs.

What Our Clients Say


Victor Rodriguez, Program Manager at the Tacoma-Pierce County Department of Health

"[Our] partnership excelled in creating culturally responsive health messaging. The Momentum consultants were able to demonstrate their expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by maintaining and developing relationships with key community leaders and organizations."

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