Momentum's DEI Leadership Coaching is designed to help leaders of companies, organizations, and agencies better understand, embrace and lead Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within their organizations. 

We also provide a safe space for leaders to ask questions, learn and grow into being DEI leaders within their company or organization. Our coaching is customized
engaging, and steeped in quality leadership principles and experience relating to sustainable organizational processes.

Cost: $1499.99

This offer includes:

- One 90-minute coaching session conducted virtually for up to 3 participants.

- A FREE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan customized to your workplace.

Key Outcomes

At Momentum Professional Strategy Partners, we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions that drive measurable outcomes.

After working with us, our clients experience:

✓   Measurable progress with their DEI strategy
✓   Attracting value-aligned team members

✓   Making better hiring decisions
✓   An increase in productivity and retention
✓   Reduced workplace turnover which decreases the cost for recruiting, onboarding, and training
✓   A workplace culture where people are able to show up with increased focus and presence to do their job

Our Featured Coaches

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Christina Blocker

Christina Blocker is an energetic thought leader focused on creating innovative and collaborative approaches to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA). As the CEO and founder of Momentum Professional Strategy Partners, she works to with today’s leaders to effectively undo the harmful impacts of systemic and institutional racism through creating sustainable DEIA strategies, values-centered community engagement, and culturally inclusive PR and marketing. As a leader, Christina seeks to inspire passion, commitment and collaboration.

Prior to founding Momentum Professional Strategy Partners, Mrs. Blocker spent several years working as a political consultant helping to pass local and national ballot initiatives, while also helping to elect an array of folks who currently sit in elected office in Washington state. During her tenure as a political consultant, Christina was a key figure in advocating for equity and inclusion within Washington State’s Democratic Party’s campaign contracting system and its systemic barriers that excluded BIPOC political consultants.


Throughout the years, she was worked with mission-driven clients such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Washington Environmental Council, and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. In Christina’s free time, she proudly serves as a Trustee at Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington. Appointed by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee in 2016, she is the first African-American female appointed to serve since the college’s founding. Christina is also President of the national African American Community College Trustees Association and serves on the Board for Tacoma Arts Live.

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Keith Blocker 

As Chief Operating Officer at Momentum Professional Strategy Partners, Keith’s work focuses on the impacts of structural racism and accessibility in governmental systems, institutions, organizations, and individuals. In his consulting, he brings an examination of the impact of race on institutional outcomes to include the broader environmental and social determinants of well-being and opportunity. His experience includes partnering with organizations and government entities seeking to promote equity in business practices and decision-making in addition to designing effective communications strategies.

At the age of 25, Keith was diagnosed as legally blind with a form of macular degeneration. Despite experiencing discrimination and being faced with limited resources, Keith become a community organizer to address issues around equity and inclusion. Recognizing the importance of influencing policy and policy-making, after working on various political campaigns, Keith launched a successful campaign to serve on Tacoma’s City Council and served as Tacoma's Deputy Mayor in 2020 and 2021 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An experienced DEI thought leader and strategic planner with professional experience as an elected official, Keith has successfully designed and initiated results-oriented leadership and workforce development DEIA-focused programs, workshops, training, dialogues, and discussion processes that encourage cultural competency, awareness, and understanding as well as community- building across differences that inspire organizational growth and progress.

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