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About Us

Founded by Christina Blocker, ​Momentum Professional Strategy Partners (PSP) is a full-service DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility) consulting firm. At Momentum, we work with our clients to engage in the process of cultural transformation while centering DEIA as their ethos. We provide assessments, coaching, workshops, public relations & marketing support, and community engagement support. Our team is devoted to working with our clients to transform their workplaces and communities through a DEIA lens.

Christina Blocker spent a substantial portion of her career specializing in public relations, diversity & inclusion strategy, and community engagement for high-growth organizations and has been recognized by influential leaders due to her work as Managing Partner of Archway Consulting Group. Throughout the years, she was worked with mission-driven clients such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Washington Environmental Council, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and the Washington State Department of Health. Because of her extensive experience, Christina pours her expertise into Momentum PSP by working with clients to drive measurable change through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. 

We are a black-owned/women-owned firm based in Washington state. To learn more, click here.

Here's how we can help...

We offer comprehensive diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility support
- from strategy to implementation.

Momentum helps all businesses not only reach, but exceed their diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) goals. Our experience helps us lay out a strategy that perfectly fits our clients. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Learn about some of our past projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Support

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Community Engagement

Public Relations and Communications Support


I’ve had the great privilege of getting to know Christina Blocker over the years and she is brilliant, strategic, dynamic and everything in between. I know that she brings those skills to any project/client that she’s working with -a true professional. 

Victoria Woodards, Mayor of Tacoma

Christina Blocker is a leader who brings a strategic, thoughtful approach to her work. She has great interpersonal skills that enable her to work well with everyone from senior executives to community activists. Her breadth of knowledge and experience are exceeded only by her passion to provide exceptional customer service to her clients.

Marilyn Strickand, 
Congresswoman, WA-10

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