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Uniting Our Communities Through DEIA Strategies and Solutions.

Momentum has worked with industry leaders such as the ACLU, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility and the Washington State Department of Health to champion diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA). 


"Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) represents a commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder, empowering each other in our collective journeys. It's about amplying each voice and recognizing our differences are assets, not liabilities"

- Keith Blocker, CEO


DEIA Implementation Services

We offer support to organizations who seek guidance in DEIA implementation to meet each client's unique needs. 


Engagement Services

Business Coaching

We offer tailored Business Coaching for entrepreneurs, focusing on strategic planning, financial wellness, and DEIA integration.

Our team can help you with your community engagement projects in a way that is culturally responsive and effective.

PR & 

We specialize in impactful,
high-level PR and marketing strategies that drive social change.

Take Your Work To The Next Level With DEIA Consulting

We provide our clients with in-depth analysis and flexible, innovative approaches that anticipate the changing needs of customers, employees, and communities.

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Don't just take our word for it.


"I have been working with Momentum for almost 2 years now. They have been invaluable in helping me shape our company's DEIA practices and in ensuring my team members feel welcome and supported."


"Momentum has been instrumental in helping our organization create a culture of inclusion. They have helped us to bridge the gaps between our workforce and the community. Thanks Momentum!"


"As a Board Member, I've been committed to making our organization more accessible and I have found that Momentum has played a critical and pivotal role in helping us do just that. They have been invaluable in their work and guidance, and we are so grateful for the work they have done for us."


"As event planners, we knew that we needed help. We found Momentum Professional Strategy Partners and they have helped make all of our events more inclusive and accessible especially for those with disabilities."


"Momentum Professional Strategy Partners has been an amazing partner in our efforts to enhance our leadership development and awareness of DEIA issues at our company. They have always been available and willing to provide training, assistance, and a well-researched plan that helped us achieve the goals we set."


"Momentum has been a great partner to our organization. We have seen significant gains in regards to DEIA implementation, and their proactive approach to community engagement has made all the difference for us. We are so happy with how much Momentum's helped us."
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