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"By closing the wealth gap in historically excluded communities, we unlock a legacy of prosperity; entrepreneurship becomes not just a business venture, but a catalyst for generational wealth."

- Christina Blocker

Founder of Momentum Professional Strategy Partners

& Business Coach

Our Key Principles

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Empowering Financial Liberation

  • We mentor our clients in setting and reaching ambitious financial goals, with a special focus on entrepreneurs to break free from the cycle of overworking and under-earning, and to bridge the racial wealth gap.


Nurturing Entrepreneurial Excellence

  • We are dedicated to deepening our clients' understanding of entrepreneurship and financial management, equipping them to elevate their businesses from inception to significant financial milestones, while fostering a mindset of financial success and resilience.


Inclusive and Culturally Responsive 

  • We are committed to coaching a diverse clientele, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA individuals, and people with disabilities, aiming to dismantle both personal and systemic financial barriers in entrepreneurship and promote a more equitable distribution of wealth in society.

Our Comprehensive Framework for Entrepreneurs:
From Startup to $1 Million

Whether you're just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey or navigating the path to hitting seven figures, our unique coaching framework is designed to guide entrepreneurs through every stage of their business growth. Here's how we tailor our approach to support and elevate your journey at every level:


Mindset Resilience

Whether you're just starting out or scaling towards $1 million, developing a resilient mindset is key. We focus on empowering you at every stage, providing strategies to overcome challenges unique to the  entrepreneurial journey. This pillar is about building confidence and determination, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.

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Financial Literacy and Empowerment

Essential to our framework is enhancing your financial acumen, crucial at all levels of business. From foundational budgeting and investment strategies for startups to advanced financial planning for nearing the $1 million threshold, we tailor our guidance to meet your specific financial stage. Our aim is to build a robust financial foundation, fostering a healthy, informed relationship with money.

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Strategic Business Growth

Our approach adapts to your business's growth phase, from initial concept to the $1 million mark. We guide you through effective strategies for scaling, focusing on leveraging your unique strengths and understanding market dynamics. This area is dedicated to providing actionable insights for sustainable expansion, ensuring your venture thrives in a competitive and evolving marketplace.

Integrating DEIA Best Practices

Incorporating DEIA principles is vital, regardless of your business size or revenue. We provide insights and strategies to establish and maintain an inclusive business environment that grows with you. This not only improves your brand's appeal across diverse markets but also ensures your operations are aligned with the values of equity, accessibility and inclusion, vital for long-term success.

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Learn More About Momentum's Business Incubator

Ready to elevate your business journey? Learn more about Momentum's Business Incubator for Black entrepreneurs.

From budding startups to booming enterprises, find out your business phase and get tailored insights for your next big leap. Ideal for dynamic entrepreneurs eager to chart their growth with clarity and confidence. Contact us to learn more! 

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