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PR and Marketing Support

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Our Process

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Elevate Your Brand With Inclusive PR and Marketing Strategies

  • At Momentum, we work with our clients to ensure that their PR and marketing consider the diverse realities of all communities. An inclusive approach is not only preferred, but research shows that people are much more likely to react positively to an ad that portrays inclusion and belonging.


Take Control of Your Marketing & PR Strategy with Accountability

  • Committing to inclusive PR and marketing requires accountability from everyone who touches your strategy, from those who plan it to those who execute it, measure it. At Momentum, we work with our clients to develop inclusive marketing goals to hold our work accountable not only to our clients but to the communities that they're serving. 


Invest Intentionally in the Power of Culturally Relevant Media

  • At Momentum, we work with our clients to develop an intentional budget that considers the unique needs of their priority communities. We will help you break down barriers and sustainably build relationships. Our goal is to ensure that your marketing and PR budget is equitable and inclusive while reflecting your community's diversity.

Our Services

For this service, we work exclusively with socially conscious organizations and brands who are committed to embedding diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility into their operations. From inclusive and accessible marketing strategies, we help our clients craft content informed by DEIA insights and an authentic appreciation for people and the communities.

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Brand Identity and Print Collateral

Your Momentum PR and Marketing team will develop and design informational materials for you to use in education and outreach activities. We will help you create a visual identity through branding—both content and graphically—that will help make your branding and outreach materials more easily accessible to targeted audiences and will be applied across all outreach materials—print and electronic. 

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Custom Outreach Toolkits

Momentum will create a custom outreach toolkit that all your brand ambassadors can use as a resource for public events, presentations, meetings, and other interactions with the community and media. Your outreach toolkit will include information and resources for interacting with your priority audiences while also providing guidance on how to handle media inquiries, manage public speaking engagements, and connect with community members.

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Website Development and Social Media Support

Momentum will develop a website and create a social media strategy for your brand. We see social media is a way to encourage two-way communication with community partners and stakeholders. We can help you monitor posted content and engagement with visitors’ questions and concerns. Our team will work with you to identify the best platforms for your brand and create engaging content that speaks to your audience. We’ll also help you measure the success of your social media campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

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Media Engagement Plan and Training

Momentum will help you develop a comprehensive media engagement plan. Our team of professionals will help you monitor media coverage, issue press releases and pitches, respond to events/milestones with media statements, and hold editorial board meetings. At Momentum, our goal is to provide your priority audiences and media partners with timely, accurate and complete information about your organization's story and your work.

What Our Clients Say


Alison Holcomb, Political Director at the

ACLU of Washington

"Momentum's open and proactive approach to co-creating quality content and experiences was a “game-changer” in ACLU-WA’s work with community leaders across the state. I respect and admire the leadership of Momentum."

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