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Careers at Momentum Professional Stategy Partners

We're hiring! 


Our Mission

To be a catalyst for change, Momentum Professional Strategy Partners helps organizations embed equity, inclusion, inclusion and accessibility into the fabric of their operations by providing expert guidance and support. We provide our clients with innovative, research-based consulting solutions that create meaningful and lasting change in organizational cultures and the communities they serve.

Who We Are

We are a Black-owned, woman-owned consulting firm that exists to help organizations and institutions dismantle systems of oppression and build more inclusive and equitable workplaces, communities, and institutions. 

We want our clients to have all the resources they need to lead inclusive and equitable teams that create positive change in the world.

Our Clients

We also have a growing number of organizations, businesses and institutions that we serve. 

Our client base includes:

  • Local community non-profit organizations 

  • Trade associations from a wide range of industries

  • Corporations with a national footprint

  • Governmental entities

Words that describe the majority of our customers would be: purposeful, people-centered, ambitious, and mission-driven. 


We Are a Hybrid Company

Momentum Professional Strategy Partners is a hybrid company which means:

  • We have a central office but we conduct most meetings via Zoom.

  • We work together via Asana, email, and Zoom meetings.

  • Depending on your role, you can work from home, in our office or both.

Our Values

Inclusive and Collaborative

We achieve better outcomes by engaging each other intentionally, continuously, and meaningfully; we maximize opportunities and our collective potential by breaking down silos, partnering, and convening in conversations.

Diverse and People Focused

We represent the mosaic of the communities we serve at all levels. We nurture respect and dignity by valuing every person’s leadership, strengths and assets.

Responsive and Adaptive

We are culturally and linguistically responsive to and driven by the communities we serve.

Transparent and Accountable

We build trust and shared understanding by being transparent and accountable in our actions, processes, and measures.

Racially Just

We work to dismantle systems, policies, and practices that perpetuate structural racism, inequities, and different forms of discrimination based on power and privilege.

Company Culture

Working at Momentum Professional Strategy Partners would be a great fit for you IF:

  • You want to work for a woman-run, Black-owned company with a diverse team and customer base.

  • You crave meaningful work. You want to make a difference in people’s lives.

  • You are someone who does what they say they’re going to doYou have impeccable follow-through. When you say, “I will deliver this project by Thursday at 3 pm PST,” you get it done. When you give your word, you mean it.

  • You are someone who takes initiative. You think ahead and address problems before they arise. 

  • You are very familiar with Momentum Professional Strategy Partners and what we’re all about. You read our newsletter. You follow us on social media. You’re a fan!

If that sounds like you, we welcome you to apply for a position!

Open Positions

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